I Should Stretch More…. But If I Am Honest, I Cannot Be Bothered

Author: musclemedicssydney
Date: 12 March 2019

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I Should Stretch More (But If I Am Honest I Can’t Be Bothered)

The first part of this statement is probably the most heard phrase here at Muscle Medics.

The second part is at a guess what most of us are thinking.

Forget about the long laborious stretching routine (which you probably won’t do) and get a 2 minute routine in this blog to move your body in every direction, make you feel tip top and a few reasons why you should do it!

Yes, some of us love to stretch, feel the benefits and certainly ensure we make time to do so. For most though, we are trying to cram in 1000 things throughout our day and stretching is certainly not a high priority item. If you feel like you should stretch or stretch more its more than likely your body is telling you in some way that this is a good option. You might be getting reoccurring pain or general feelings of tightness.

  • Stiff neck when trying to reverse park the car
  • Back tends to seize up
  • Taking you longer to bend over and put your socks on in the morning

Whatever the case, maybe it doesn’t have to take a 90 minute yoga session 3 times a week to rectify. Your time is precious and that workout you cram into your lunch break is important. Any exercises we do are far more beneficial than any good feeling stretching may give us. So why bother to make any time?

All of us realise as we age we start to tighten up.

Remember sitting cross legged on the floor for hours at school as a child?

We lose the ability to perform movements we don’t use. Now instead of thinking we don’t have enough time to stretch, consider if you did some basic stretches for 2 minute every day for a year. Is 730 minutes of stretches enough to make a difference? How about over the course of the next 10 years? Is 7300 minutes of stretching enough to make a difference?

Always have longevity of your body in mind and think about your future self.

How do you want to feel in 10 years time, do you want to be active, healthy, happy? If you feel like you should stretch more now, then how will you feel in 10 years. We suggest 7300 minutes of stretching or movement under your belt will make it considerably better (with such a small time cost to you).

We are not looking for instant results we are looking for long term mobility and the ability to do the things we love.

Enough said! What should I do?

Let’s throw stretching out the window and purely think about movements. Instead of going through a list of stretches for your hamstrings, hip flexors, chest and so on, we are going to take the body through a quick routine of movements to ensure you are not loosing the ability to move.

Imagine that moving all your joints is like spraying some WD40 over everything and working it in. Over time everything becomes lubricated and moves nicely.

The video below is by no means exclusive and there will be times when you will need to work a specific movement more when trying to improve an issue you may be experiencing. It is meant as a general plan to increase mobility.

If you feel any pain then stop and ask us for an alternative movement. Even I perform this once per day before training and feel much better for it!

2 Minutes A Day Keeps The Niggles Away!

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