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Oliver Keates – Muscle Therapist

Dip. Remedial Massage, Cert. Full body A.R.T, Cert Personal Training, Dip. Exercise & Sport Science


Our Muscle Therapist Oliver has worked in the Health and Fitness industry for the past 10 years with a keen interest in resolving movement dysfunction, eliminating pain and improving his clients’ athletic abilities.

Oliver is a big advocate for helping yourself. Whilst treatment is necessary at many junctures in life, for long term success, knowing how to provide maintenance on your own body is a must! Oliver views his role as a Therapist to provide clients with an effective treatment, but also educate on how to best maintain your body on a daily basis.

Throughout my career, I have frequently come across people who accept pain as part of their life. They learn to live with it, stop doing activities that brought them pleasure and carry the uncomfortable burden on their shoulders for years at times. Ruling out severe structural damage, often this pain can be improved and a return to normal activities can become a reality.

During my time as a Muscle Therapist and Personal Trainer I have had the pleasure to work with many people of all ages and walks of life. I have always taken pride in assessing each client, looking for strength imbalances, flexibility issues and structures causing pain. Equipped with this knowledge and my passion to assess and improve the function of all my clients, I can integrate a unique treatment plan that allows for muscle therapy in conjunction with advice to help my clients with their gym workouts or sporting activity.