Deep Tissue Sports Massage


This is an excellent modality for improving the performance of your body. It is more specific than a general massage and used for treating acute and chronic injuries alike. The techniques used are similar to that of remedial massage. A sports massage is a great addition to anyone’s health regime as it can help promote quicker recovery in between workout sessions and it is also essential to anyone who is training for an event or who is actively participating in any type of training.

Therapists who understand the importance of massage for sports

Deep tissue sports massages can be used to rehabilitate an acute or chronic injury or improve range of motion at a joint, as well as assist with maintenance and recovery in between training and competition.

All of our therapists at Muscle Medics participate in sports and understand the demands that a physical lifestyle can entail. It is this understand that makes our therapists stand out from others in Surry Hills, Sydney CBD and surrounding areas.

We see a multitude of different athletes at our clinics, from the recreational cyclist to the weekend team sportsperson, all the way through to the hardcore cross fitters and iron men and women. No matter what type of event you’re preparing for, or the level you train at, we have you covered.

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This is a 30 minute treatment for quick relief. Recommended for a minor condition or follow up treatment.


This is a 45 minute treatment and our most popular treatment for all types of conditions.


This is a 60 minute treatment recommended for a serious issue or addressing several conditions.


This is a 90 minute treatment ideal for addressing two or more issues.