Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim this on my health fund?

Yes, our therapists are registered with all major health funds.
HICAPS is used at our facililty which means, with most health funds you can claim instantly.
In the event we can't claim on the spot, you will be issued with an electronic reciept which you can use to claim directly with your health fund.

Does Remedial Massage and Active Release Technique hurt?

If a muscle is causing you pain, dysfunction or generally just grumpy, treatment of any description can potenially hurt.
Your practitioner should be sensitive to this and work within your tollerence to achieve a desired outcome. It can also be felt as a good pain, a feeling of something that needs to be done.
The end result will also be satisfing so hang on in there!

Will Remedial Massage &/ Active Release Technique make me sore afterwards?

The answer here is probably yes. Anyone who has ever trained or perfromed a task they are not used to will be familiar with the feeling of soreness within the muscles over the next few days.
A painful muscle is generally already sensitive and whilst treatment aims at restoring normal function to that muscle, it is expected that a state of inflammation may be present over the next couple of days after your treatment. This is perfectly normal and not to be worried about. Often things will feel worse before feeling better.

Does Active Release Technique increase my range of motion more effectivly then stretching?

Most certainly! Active Release Technique works on individual muscles that are tensioned by the therapist and actively lengthend by you. This increases the nervous systems' tollerence to stretch the muscle. Results can quite often be immediate.

What should I wear to my treatment?

Gowns and strategically placed towels will be used during your treatment, however, some shorts or short leggins for the ladies would be advantageous.
As you generally present to the clinic with a issue, less focus on the preservation of your modesty helps ensure one is comfortable during the treatment and will make it easier for the practitioner to treat you effectivly without the fear of embaressment on either side.

What are your cancelation policies?

Here at Muscle Medics we understand that things come up which will mean canceling your appointment.
However, it is important to understand that as we have kept an appointment for you the follwing fees will apply.
Any changes within 24 hours of your appointment will incur the following fee:
- Cancel, reschedule or missed appointment on the day: 100% of the fee applicable.
- Cancel or reschedule the day before but within the 24 hour period: 50% of the fee will apply.

What forms do I fill out prior to my visit?

If you do not have time or access to a printer then don't sweat it. Forms will be available upon arrival. In this instance please arrive 10 mins early so we do not eat into your treatment time.
If you do have the means then please print and fill out the pre-treatment form. This will reduce the time spent on paperwork which means more time for you!

Do you offer any incentives for referals or reviews?

Absolutley! If you refer a friend or collegue to us, apart from giving them the royal treatment, you will also recieve $25 off your next treatment.
Another way you can earn $25 off your next treatment would be to leave us a five star google review.