Surry Hills Massage Specialists Treating Neck Pain

When asked, most people will agree that they have suffered the experience of neck pain at some stage in their life. A modern day generation of desk bound work certainly plays a big role in leading to the cause. Many of us simply bite the bullet and accept our fate, but do we need to?

There are many factors that can contribute to neck pain, including:

  • Sitting at a desk all day that is not ergonomically set up
  • Our posture when standing
  • Regularly looking down at our smartphones
  • Repetitive movements we regularly perform
  • Particular sports we play
  • How we hold our handbags or backpacks


The good news is that help is at hand. Muscular tension can be released and at Muscle Medics we aim to local and ease all symptoms even if one has suffered with them for a great length of time. While seeing a massage specialist can help to treat your neck pain, we do recommend addressing the underlying causes to ensure the issue does not return or become worse in future.

Methods our specialists use for treating neck pain

There are several factors that will help our massage specialists to determine the best possible method to treat and relieve your neck pain. Ultimately, the solution depends upon how and when the neck pain began and the type of neck pain you’re experiencing. Once our specialists understand the problem you’re having, they will be able to provide you with a solution to relieve the neck pain and help you recover. If the problem persists following treatment, we may recommend you consult a doctor.

The following modalities are all used when appropriate:


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