Treat Shoulder Pain in Sydney’s CBD

Shoulder pain can ache, throb, pinch, keep us up at night, radiate into our necks and generally be a real nuisance. Quite often it’s hard to put your finger on an exact point of pain! Imagine your arm connecting to your body as a golf ball sitting on a T. Now imagine the fine balance of strength and flexibility that must be kept between all the muscles that surround it, not to mention all the structures in and around the joint. It is no wonder why things can go wrong.

Shoulder pain can result from a variety of conditions, with the most common being shoulder impingement syndrome. This syndrome can occur when your shoulder’s rotator cuff tendons are intermittently trapped and compressed during shoulder movements, causing injury to the shoulder tendons and bursa.

Activities that are at risk for shoulder impingement are:

  • Painting
  • Lifting
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Bowling in cricket
  • Any other repeated overhead activity


Shoulder impingement can affect your everyday activity, leading to persistent shoulder pain even from simple motions such as reaching behind your back or overhead to put on a coat or jacket.

How Muscle Medics help with shoulder pain

The therapists at Muscle Medics treat shoulder pain by first determining the root cause of your issue, for example, whether it has been caused by shoulder impingement or another condition. Upon your initial consultation, they will discuss your symptoms, along with their severity and when they began in order to find the ideal techniques to help treat your condition. Some of the techniques that our therapists will use to treat your shoulder pain include:


Relieve symptoms of shoulder impingement in Sydney CBD today

If you suffer from shoulder impingement or you’re experiencing shoulder pain and would like to arrange a consultation with one of our trained massage therapists in Sydney’s CBD, please feel free to get in touch. You can book an appointment online via our website or you can call us directly on (02) 8078 6900 for assistance.