Tendinitis, Tendinosis, Tenosynovitis

Tendons are designed to withstand tensile stress as they transmit a muscle’s contraction force to the bone when producing movement. Overuse tendon pathologies (tendinopathies) are common soft tissue disorders caused by repetitive or excessive stress.

Tendons most frequently affected include the Achilles (Back of the foot), Patella (Knee), Rotator Cuff (Shoulder), Bicipital (Bicep) and forearm flexor and extensor tendons.

At Muscle Medics we use a combination of soft tissue work and specific strengthening exercise to help nurse your tendons back to health.

The following can all be used as part of your treatment:

  • Active Release Techniques
  • Remedial Massage
  • Specific strengthening exercises

Disclaimer: The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice or medical help and should be used only as a means to understand conditions listed.