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We use the best techniques where they are needed

No matter what the issue, Muscle Medics have the solution for your road to recovery. We have successfully alleviated pain and niggles for years while helping our clients strengthen and prevent future issues. Some of the techniques we use to treat pain include:

Upon your initial consultation, we will ask you questions about your condition, including how the pain began and where it is located. This will help our team find a potential solution that will relieve your symptoms and help you begin your journey to recovery. Some common conditions we successfully treat include:

We understand that being in pain is like carrying a bag of bricks around with you. It can wear you down, limit your energy and prevent you from sports or activities. Some of us carry this burden for years with no hope.

PAIN FREE = Conditioning + Repair

That’s where Muscle Medics can help. Our experienced team of massage therapists have been treating patients in Sydney who suffer from chronic or acute pain for years.

Get your body back in sync and book an appointment with Muscle Medics in Sydney today. Book online or call us today on 02 8078 6900. Alternatively, send an email to info@musclemedics.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We work out of one of the best strength and conditioning facilities in Sydney CBD which enables us to cater to all your specific requirements.

We understand both the demands of a physical occupation and the strains of the office workplace. That is why we tailor our sessions with clients to ensure they’re receiving the ideal treatment for their lifestyle.

Read what our client have to say and discover why so many people choose Muscle Medics to help relieve their chronic pain and other conditions.


As a keen runner, I compete weekly at anything from 10 kms to marathon distance and I have been constantly plagued with niggles. For months I was suffering with Achilles pain, which stubborn as I am I continued to run through. After seeing Oliver he was able to completely rid me of this pain in 4 sessions using Active Release Technique. Other practitioners I had seen hadn't been able to help me and had always suggested rest. Oliver treated me successfully without me stopping my running schedule. I would recommend him to any one.

Janine Woodside

They truly fix problems others can't. I've had shoulder issues due to injury and bad posture being sitting in front of a PC all day and have seen other therapist over a year before I found these guys. Oliver was instrumental in getting rid of the pain and I can safely say I am pain free now! They are truly amazing.

Harry Cheng

Having suffered from sciatica for the last 20 years, seeing many specialists with no results I had given up hope. I've been seeing Oliver now for the last 5 years and he has been able to reduce my symptoms to almost zero. I still get occasional bouts due to my sedentary work life, but when this occurs I see Oliver and he has been able resolve the issue every time. He introduced me to a method call 'Active Release Technique' and would recommend everyone to give it a go, especially if you've been suffering from long term chronic pain.

Andrew Stewart

I was experiencing shoulder pain for a few months whilst weight training and this stopped me from lifting weights. I went to see Oliver Keates & he was able to fix it in 3 sessions. Now I am back to full training pain free and happy.

Kevin Liu

Muscle Medics was very efficient in relieving my back pain from my description of ailments and aches. They addressed the issue and were very sympathetic as they explained the process along the way, and afterwards, gave me some stretches to perform on my own to manage my symptoms at home. I booked an appointment with Oliver to get some relief from pain associated with a serious back injury that I have had for over 5 years and visited at least a dozen practitioners always ending in disappointment. I will definitely book again! Best approach I have found to date!

Makda Tesfaledet

I cannot speak highly enough of Oliver. I intended to book in for a remedial massage to relieve the knots in my neck and shoulders. After describing my symptoms , Oliver suggested we try Active Release Technique. My neck and shoulders have never felt better. I walked out of there with more movement than I have had in years and the pain and discomfort I had been suffering had all gone in 30 minutes. I have visited a physio in the past and have never had such good results. Highly professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oliver Keates to anyone with back pain.

Sheridan Taylor

I started seeking treatment a few months ago and I always come out feeling 100% better each time. I obtained a shoulder injury from birth which limits the movement in my right arm, and my therapist Oliver is kind, experienced, professional, listens to my problems and helps to give my arm more movement. I don't know how he does it. He truly has magic hands. I'm no longer in so much pain and the increased movement in my arm is making my daily life actives much easier to complete. I highly recommend Oliver to anyone with muscle pain or movement issues. Also you get to listen to what ever music you want, which makes the whole experience even better! You're all truly amazing.

Carissa Lund-Conlon

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